I am Eric Perfect, one of a few true traditional tattooers in Philly and owner of the worldrenowned Kadillac Tattoo Deuce 6722 Rising Sun Ave. Phila.,PA. I have been tattooing long enough to know that I despise doing any kind of tribal tattoos. There are guys out there that do that sort of thing really well, but I'm not him... so please don't ask. I have been painting my ass off this year and now offer 3 new sets of flash and a variety of new paintings. As you will notice throughout the site, there are 3 sets of available flash; 2 sets are designs from the turn of the century, and the other is a collaboration of various artists. If you are interested in flash (professionals only), any paintings, or a real traditional tattoo, feel free to contact me via this site or talk to me in person @ the shop #215-342-4062. Hope you dig the new stuff and I'll be posting new tattoos and paintings as they are done.